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Dethlefs rebuild from storm with energy efficient home

November 23, 2012


Construction Partners of Lake Benton are pictured installing an energy efficient home rated to withstand extreme weather and temperatures for Travis and Nancy Dethlefs of rural Verdi, who lost their home in the July 1, 2011 storm.

Click here for a copy of the Home Energy Rating Certificate that was awarded to this new home

By Dan Kuss
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Travis and Nancy Dethlefs rebuilt the house they lost in last year’s July 1 storm with a house that is energy efficient and rated to handle extreme weather.
The Dethlefs hired Construction Partners, LLC of Lake Benton to install the home consisting of prefabricated panels.
“This house is designed to withstand extreme weather and temperatures,” said Project Manager Mike Dandar. “It’s nearly 10 times stronger than a stick framed home and was tested after Hurricane Andrew to withstand Category 4 winds at five or six seconds.”
When the Dethlefs’ home was totaled by the storm, they researched different types of homes and decided on energy efficiency and structural integrity for the long haul.
“It didn’t cost that much more to go the energy efficient route,” said Travis Dethlefs. “I’m looking forward to getting in there for the winter to save on energy costs.
“It also helps to know the house is guaranteed to winds of up to 120 mph.”